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Comparison of Camden Council's Neighbour details for original Planning Application: 2014/1617/P - with

Essential Living's Catchment Area for CMP for 100 Avenue Road London NW3 3HF

If you live or work in any of these streets/properties and were NOT consulted by the developers about this CMP and wish to complain -

Please email CC:

Subject heading: "Ref: 2017/6638/CMP 100 Avenue Road"

Adamfields, Adamson Road

Adamson Road

Belsize Park

Buckland Crescent

Burnham, Fellows Road

Centre Heights, Finchley Road

Cresta house, Finchley Road

Crossfield Road

Dobson close

Eton Avenue

Eton Court, Eton Avenue

Fellows Road

Harben parade

Harrold House, Finchley Road

Hickes house, Harben parade

Hilgrove Estate

Hilgrove Road

Kings College Road

Kings College Villa, Kings College Road

Maxwell Court, Eton Avenue

Melrose Apartments, Winchester Road

Mora Burnett house, Winchester Road

Northway's Parade, Finchley Road

Northways College Crescent

Northways Parade

Regency Lodge, Adelaide Road

Swiss Terrace

Visage apartments, Winchester Road

Winchester Mews

Winchester Road

Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue

Costa Coffee, Finchley Road

Embassy Theatre, Eton Avenue

Eton Avenue Street market

McDonald's restaurant, Harben Parade

Offices, shops and premises, Avenue Road

Shops and premises, College Crescent

Shops and premises, Regency Parade Finchley Road

Swiss Cottage Community Centre, Winchester Road

Swiss Cottage Library, Avenue Road

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, Adelaide Road

Old Winchester Arms , 21 Winchester Road

Camden's Catchment Area for notification for Original Planning Application 2014/1627/P

EL's Catchment Area for CMP they claim they notified [Appendix D2]

Neighbour details for Planning Application - 2014/1617/P 100 Avenue Road London NW3 3HF



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