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The Construction Management Plan proposal for Swiss Cottage Market

"By law, pedestrians or vehicles must be able to use a traffic route without causing danger to the health or safety of people working near it."

"Roadways and footpaths should be separate whenever possible. Wherever it is reasonable to do so, you should provide separate routes or pavements for pedestrians to keep them away from vehicles. The most effective way to do this is to separate pedestrian from vehicle activity, by making routes entirely separate."

After talking with many stallholders at the Farmers' market today (20.06.18) it is clear that they have not yet been informed, let alone consulted, either by the developers or the Council about the 100 Avenue Road, Construction Management Plan 09/05/18  V2.2 (CMP). 


The plan proposes to route massive 100 Avenue Road demolition and construction trucks and cement mixers through the pedestrian area of Eton Avenue - right next to where both the Farmers' market and the Camden market are pitched. The public CMP consultation began on 12.10.17. 

Yet it is Camden's own Construction Management Plan policy that says: "This consultation must include all of those individuals that stand to be affected by the proposed construction works....These individuals should be provided with a copy of the draft CMP, or a link to an online document". 

The London Farmers' Market manager is waiting for the final market plan before consulting with the stall holders. Yet Camden are now recommending approval of the CMP.


Stall holders may wish to now object to not having been consulted at any time and to request that ALL the developer construction/demolition vehicles be rerouted to the main road only, i.e the A41, i.e. NOT through the market and pedestrian area.


Although consultation for comments to Construction Management Plan 09/05/18 V2.2 is officially closed, you still have a very short time left to send your comments to:

Subject heading:

'Ref: 2017/6638/CMP 100 Avenue Road'




Or write to:

Planning Obligations

2nd Floor
5 Pancras Square

Town Hall,

Judd Street
London WC1H 9JE

Construction Management Plan (CMP) 09/05/18 V2.2

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