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A list of some the unresolved 100 Avenue CMP issues, most of which have fallen short of Camden’s CMP pro-forma requirements. Ref: 2017/6638/CMP 

N.B. Before Camden make a decision on the ‘Submitted CMP’ 05/12/17, we request they insist upon a dry-run with EL’s 34ft Muckaway/Tipper truck and cement mixer to drive through Winchester Road, the pedestrian area of Eton Avenue and into the park - with the market set out as in Drawing Number 42437/5501/018 B.  This would be for both the council and  the  public  to  witness.

So far there has been:


  • No evidence of who was notified by the developers about this CMP Public Consultation

  • No list of all individual objections - as requested - that will give an indication of many of those who were not notified

  • No evidence of consultation with Swiss Cottage regular and farmer’s markets stallholders

  • No evidence of consultation with residents and Management at Mora Burnet House Care Home.

  • No evidence of permission, or evidence of application for permission to use the Restrictive Covenant area for construction vehicles passing through the park.

  • No written confirmation from HS2 that HS2 will not adversely Impact the 100 Avenue Road development – irrespective of condition 17.

  • No acknowledgement that EL changed HS2’s original wording of their condition, from “none of the development hereby permitted shall be commenced until…” to “works below ground level shall not start until…” thus making the condition dischargeable  ‘before demolition’ rather than ‘after demolition’

  • No evidence that HS2 has confirmed their understanding and given their consent that EL has changed the wording

  • Incorrect use of EL’s unapproved plans [ref 2017/4036/P] to remove two fire exits and reduce hallway space for CMP plans, instead of the original plans [ref 2014/1617/P] as approved by the Secretary of State.

  • No evidence of planning permission or application to vary the original planning permission to the remove three category A cherry trees.

  • No confirmation that widening the pedestrian access along the public path next to the Green does not involve removing the hedges.

  • No evidence (apart from EL saying there is one) of the section 278 Agreement with TfL in regard to all vehicle movements via the A41

  • No accurate vehicle histogram in appendix G that correlates with the Site Logistics plans in Appendix F

  • No swept path analysis of how the 34 ft vehicles will turn around on site as indicated in the Site Logistics Plan, Appendix F, for Phase 1A.

  • No suggestion of a safety barrier for cyclists where the 34 ft vehicles turn out of access 2 onto the A41 directly by the CS11 lane.

  • Insufficient root protection measures for the London Plane tree where the 34ft vehicles will be driving over its roots at Access 2 for 3 years. The barrier currently proposed only closely surrounds the base and barely covers the extent of the root area.

  • No guarantee that the 34ft Muckaway and cement vehicles will not end up using the full length of Eton Avenue or Adamson Road when the turning at Winchester Road and Eton Avenue is found to be unmanageable.

  • No acknowledgment by developers that they are proposing the use of a busy pedestrian area for their construction vehicles.

  • No evidence that the 34 ft Muckaway vehicles and cement mixers can safely pass through cramped and displaced market stalls.

  • Insufficient evidence as to how banksmen will be able to keep pedestrians safe in the busy Eton Avenue pedestrian area without constantly disrupting the market and flow of people and children from all directions.

  • No account of the inevitable loss of footfall to the thriving markets and hence general commerce to the area.

  • No evidence that the inevitable traffic increase in Winchester Road, as a result of reassigned CS11 traffic, will not cause unacceptable congestion in relation to EL construction vehicles on Winchester Road, during the 3-year construction programme.

  • No accounting for the nearby construction sites for:

       a) 148 Fellows Road [ref: 2013/8275/P] and

       b) the Taplow re-cladding works in Winchester Road, expected to last until September 2019.

The best way resolve all these issues is to re-route all demolition/construction vehicles to the A41 .

CMP Objection (medium version)

Please note, Consultation for comments to the Submitted CMP 05/12/2107 is now closed. Further opportunity to comment will be confirmed when Camden send their feedback to the developers and after new revisions are submitted.

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