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100 Avenue Road Unauthorised Demolition

Developers Essential Living (EL) have breached planning control with a preemptive strike on the 100 Avenue Road building by removing the steps and disabled ramp from the main entrance on the 8th December 2017 - without permission from Camden Council.

This is a desperate attempt to gain full planning permission before the pre-commencement conditions, especially the Construction Management Plan (CMP), have been approved or refused by Camden. If EL do not commence works before February 18th, 2019, when their 3 year time limit runs out, they will have to make a brand new planning application to the Council.

EL have followed up this outrageous manoevre by applying to Camden for retrospective approval. Whilst we understand that Camden must consult their legal team, we trust it is understood that there can be no contest. The CMP is a bilateral requirement of a Section 106 legal agreement which clearly states: “Not to Implement or permit Implementation of the Development until such time as the Council has approved the Construction Management Plan as demonstrated by written notice to that effect.” [3.5.2]

(Consultation closed)

Please send in your objections to the asap to:

Subject heading: Unauthorised demolition 100 Avenue Road - Ref: 2017/6884/P

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