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100 Avenue Road Construction Management Plan

How to make comments/objections - until January 31st 2017

Consultation for comments to the latest Submitted Construction Management Plan V2.2 09/05/18 is currently closed, however we can still request public viewing and opportunity to comment further on the FINAL 'submitted' CMP, before Camden planning officers make their recommendation for approval, before it goes to Members Briefing.

Objection suggestions:

"I wish to complain about this Construction Management Plan consultation as I live/work [in ...catchment area] near the 100 Avenue Road development site and I was not consulted by the developer. I object to any construction vehicle accessing the site via the Eton Avenue pedestrian area. This would be an unacceptable danger on a busy pedestrian thoroughfare. All construction traffic must be limited to the A41

“I wish to complain about the CMP for 100 Avenue Rd. I was not consulted by the developers, even though I live in the area. In particular I am very concerned that vehicles will be using Winchester Road. This is quiet residential road which would not be able to take heavy demolition and construction traffic. The road is particularly sensitive as there are several nurseries, a youth centre, a community centre, an old age home plus social housing some of which is inhabited by people with special needs, This is not an appropriate route for the noise and pollution of heavy vehicles. All demolition and construction traffic should be routed from the A41".

PLEASE DO NOT OBJECT TO THE ORIGINAL APPLICATION , i.e to say how awful the tower will be etc. Doing so will only invalidate your objection to the CMP.

Subject heading: "Ref: 2017/6638/CMP 100 Avenue Road"

Or write to

Planning Obligations

2nd Floor 5 Pancras Square London N1C 4AG

What is a Construction Management Plan (CMP)?

"A CMP sets out the approach that a developer and their appointed contractors will take to help minimise the impact of construction on-site and the associated transport arrangements for servicing. The CMP is a technical document covering aspects such as noise, air pollution and traffic impacts. Developers must consult the local community on the proposed CMP before and after submitting it to the Council and demonstrate that they have made reasonable attempts to remedy any valid concerns raised. See more [Camden Council].

Because this CMP in this instance is a requirement of a Section 106 legal agreement between the developer and Council and not a planning condition of the approved planning permission (ref: 2014/1617/P), it is technically not an application. However the Council have agreed to create a bespoke CMP application, ref: 2017/6638/CMP, and submit it to the Members Briefing as an exceptional case, which means there is a good chance of a public hearing, which would otherwise not have been possible.

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